Terms & Conditions


Context like, “We, Us, Cakenflora, Team etc. were referred to as “Cakenflora” itself.


When accessing the website, you (the visitors & customers automatically accepted the terms conditions of CakenFlora

Acceptance & Products

All the product details (like weight, flavour, design etc) were mentioned at the CakenFlora portal. The design of the product especially Cakes may be slightly different from the products mentioned in the product image.

CakenFlora reserves the rights to cancel,accept your orders without giving the explanation.


Pricing of the products, their discount can be changed without any notices.


We try our best to deliver the same product as per your order, but there might be slight variation in the product as every florist & chef have his/her own way to arrange the flowers & craft the cake. Since flowers were picked fresh daily from the market sometimes we have to substitute the product due to non-availability of the product in the region or in the market.

Exchange & Damage product

The products were damage like less than 10% while receiving then CakenFlora don’t exchange the product. Only exchange can be made if the product is more than 10% damage or has quality issue (in Cakes & Flowers) which only qualifies after the quality check by our team. Meanwhile if the product is consumed more than 10 % (in cakes) then neither the product going exchange nor the refund in initiate.

Delivery & Charges

Currently, CakenFlora only charges midnight delivery fees, in which product delivers between 11:01 pm -11:59 pm & CakenFlora doesn’t guarantees to deliver exact 12 in the midnight, hence, no claim refund can’t be made. Although another delivery is free.